Meet Dustin Lorenz

I specialize in helping B2C SaaS Companies get super-enthusiastic FANS (not just “paying users”) who not only love to pay for the tool but also tell everybody and their dog about it.

If you are trying to help more people with your productbuild more brand awareness, and increase revenue with paying users then I can definitely help you.

I am your go-to place for effective Copywriting for SaaS companies.


  • Master of Engineering
  • Self-taught Copywriter, Funnel Hacker, and Online Marketing Specialist
  • Hobby Programmer especially for web apps

Work History:

  • Senior Project Manager at Sitejet, a SaaS company in the web design niche
  • 3 years of self-employment (Online Marketing and Copywriting)

Other Info:

  • As a Sitejet Senior Project Manager, I know what is necessary to improve conversion rates
  • In the business for 3+ years now
  • Went through extensive (and expensive) training

Fun Facts:

  • Once broke my middle finger in elementary school – what a tough time that was for me
  • Rode horses for over 4 years when I was a kid
  • I hate working out, yet I do it 4 times a week consistently

If you want to get actual FANS who love to pay for the tool AND literally tell everybody about it (no matter if they want to hear it or not), you need someone you can count on when it comes to effective copywriting – and that’s me!

I have everything it takes to help you help more people with their productbuild more brand awareness, and earn more money with paying users!