We consider ourselves “individuals” – we all have good and bad days, are great at some and pretty bad at other things. That’s totally fine and makes us what we are: human beings!

Though, since we are human beings we can’t be perfect at everything – neither in everyday life, nor in business related things. Nobody’s perfect, right? But that’s fine, too.

The actual problem here is that marketing agencies always try to sell “one-size-fits-all”-packages to real estate agents assuming, that every agent needs the same set of services to grow their business. Your business is more than somebody searching people that want to buy or sell a house. And it’s more complicated than just bringing in some leads for them.

I prefer serving what my clients actually need.

So, let me ask you this:

Are you fed up with cold-calling or cold-emailing potential clients? Or door-to-door marketing? Or simply spending too much money on client acquisition?

Would you like to promote yourself and your business as a brand rather than just “this other real estate agent in the neighborhood”.

Because if you do then you could maybe use some help with that.

Combined with great landing pages and email marketing Facebook Ads for example can be extremely powerful and cost efficient at the same time (20-25x more cost-efficient than mailers for example!). And while Facebook Ads might seem to be pretty difficult they are actually not. What IS difficult is coming up with a well-working strategy and overall plan on how to get more leads, more appointments, more sales, more

As a Leadgen Expert I specialized on real estate agents quite a while ago already. All my strategies are perfectly refined for real estate agents and their specific needs – your needs.

I actually help real estate agents getting more clients, more sales, more profit. And if that’s something you would like to have you can book a call with me to find out how I could help you.