Hi, my name is Dustin

Usually the “about me” is all about the author of the site. But as you might noticed I didn’t name the site “about me” but simply “about” and that’s because in my business everything I do is about “you” – my client (it would have been weird to call the page “about you” though, which is why I chose “about” 😉).

As an online marketing expert in my opinion it is not about bragging about what I learnt, how long I am practicing this and that and how many millions I am or was already responsible for as a lot of “experts” do.

In my opinion it is always about what I can do for my clients and what their outcome out of all of this is because in the end you don’t want to pay “a lot” or “little” on an advertisement manager… You want a positive ROI – Return On Investment – on the money you spend on your ads (including the one managing them).


What is the difference between me and other social media experts?

Most of those so-called “experts” pick every client they can and do all the same for all of them – with minor results if at all.

As an online marketing expert I specialized on Facebook marketing for real estate agents. I am specialized on finding the perfect clients for my clients so that they will always have a great ROI when working with me.

But I will not only help them getting new clients but also help them automating standard processes through online technology to decrease fix costs and further increase the value my clients gain through working with me while also reducing their workload.


So you are an expert in everything and you can do all of this for me?

Well, yes and no.

As I already said: For me the client always comes first. I work together with great people – each an expert on his or her field – that have the necessary knowledge and skills to bring in the highest possible ROI for you with that specific method. But just because we can offer that it doesn’t mean that you really need it and it absolutely does not mean that you should ask us to do it for you.

You see: Each business is different! You are good in some and bad at other things. As an online marketing expert I will only ask you to pay for what you really need – not just a fixed one-size-fits-all “marketing package” – to get you the highest possible ROI.

Why Facebook? Why online at all? Real Estate is offline business!

Sure, real estates are sold offline, but people are online virtually all the time. They always check everything – and everyone – online.

In today’s world you have to be able to convince people online otherwise you loose out on the majority of great deals.

Facebook – the data kraken, feared by users, loved by marketers – is THE single best platform for finding new clients. Its data base is tremendous and Facebook knows almost everything about its users which is why you can laser target your dream clients on Facebook and save yourself a lot of money compared to offline marketing.


So, I need Facebook in order to be successful?


You see, a lot of experts will probably tell you that Facebook Ads are the single best and literally ONLY viable solution.

But I am not one of those liars.

Obviously – since you are probably not using Facebook Ads right now and still getting clients – there are different working ways to get clients. But by integrating online marketing – especially Facebook for that matter – into your client acquisition process you can automate a lot of things and thereby save a lot of money as well as time.

How does less phone calls, less discussions, less work for non-interested clients sound?

That can all be part of a great online marketing campaign with Facebook Ads when working with me.

…but everybody says I need to be on all these platforms to be successful with Social Media…!?

That is what most people say, correct.

And that’s why most people aren’t successfully using social media for their business.

You definitely have to focus on one platform and make it work first before going to the next platform.

Yes, once your Facebook strategy is up, running and optimized you can eventually go on to build up social media profiles on Twitter, Google+ and others but I definitely recommend to absolutely focus on Facebook only until you really figured it out. It still has the highest return on investment potential.